A Time To Act

This is my first blog.

I’ve been toying with the idea for some time but life (and work) seems to get in the way, however today is different, today I woke up to the news that I imagine has affected all of you reading this in the same way. The news that yet another new mum, instead of starting out her journey into motherhood with the same apprehension, excitement and hope that we remember all too vividly, has seemingly ended her life in a tragic and senseless manner. At the time of writing this we have no news of baby, this in itself leaves me feeling so desperately sad yet still there remains a tiny glimmer of hope.

It seems Charlotte Bevan had struggled with mental health issues for some time, as yet we do not know what, if any, help and support was open to her. What we do know is that mental health on the whole seems to be an issue so far removed from any public agenda that today, in the light of such a tragic story, SKY news itself has chosen to debate whether or not “James Bond Has Had its Day” rather than tackle this taboo.

Is it really still, in 2014, such a stigma to be afflicted by mental health issues? We live in an age where information is freely available, we are taught at school from an early age how to access it, yet still so many people suffer in silence, feeling they are alone and isolated. We know that isolation only serves to exacerbate mental illness yet still we chose to ignore it, judge people and assume the worst. Its small wonder people chose not to access care, fearing prejudice and the impact admitting having a mental health issue may have on their lives.

People will be quick to point the finger. I have already heard today “how could she walk through a hospital with a baby in her arms unchallenged?”.

Those of you reading this who work in hospitals will know how it is not unusual to see patients walking through a hospital in clothing unsuitable for outside. People are generally free to mobilise around the site as an in patient and it is not unusual to see parents carrying their children to and from out-patients appointments. Hospitals are not prisons.

I question the security of a ward where exit is granted merely through pressing a door release button but that is not the fault of the staff, who are no doubt devastated. I send my thoughts and prayers to them today, this is not something they could have prevented or predicted whilst caring for women and babies on a busy postnatal ward.

I question a government who chose to consistently cut funding to mental health services, who refuse to prioritise mental health equally with physical health and who choose to continue to put women and babies at risk by not investing in maternity services.

Its not expensive or difficult to invest in perinatal mental health.

The unit I work in identified a gap in service provision for women with mental health issues requiring support in pregnancy and the postnatal period two years ago and we are fortunate that external agencies got on board to create a multi-agency pathway to help the women and professionals co-ordinate care.

Mental illness is not a stigma and people should not die simply through lack of care.

Over to you Mr Cameron…


2 thoughts on “A Time To Act

  1. A great start to your blogging career and a very worthy subject. This area is incredibly under resourced and underfunded, without knowing the entire story, it’s incredibly hard to know how, where or did the system fail Charlotte, May she rest in peace..and let’s he on to that glimmer of hope for her baby


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