When a Child is Born

Sensitive blog on the reality of motherhood for many women


  “I thought this was supposed to be joyful”

Think of the birth of a new baby and most people will think of a happy event, full of love, delight and hope for the future. As a student midwife I remember looking forward to spending time on the postnatal ward and imagining that is would be full of women who would be feeling happy and fulfilled. I will never forget the reality. I soon learnt that transition to motherhood can be all the things I thought it would be, but it is often also mixed with not only physical discomfort and extreme tiredness but fear, bewilderment and an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I noted that some women actually looked ‘shell-shocked’.


As a qualified midwife working in the community again the pleasure and the pain of the new mother was much on my mind. These women obviously love their babies, but the process of becoming…

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