When Medical Opinions Differ (The Huffington Post)

This really highlights the importance of training regarding anti-depressant/ant-psychotic medication. Specialist review is imperative to ensure women receive the best advice and care.

Among the numerous healthcare professionals I saw during my pregnancy I saw not one, but two psychiatrists.

The first psychiatrist I saw was attached to the local Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) and I was petrified about seeing her. Up until then I’d never been referred to a psychiatrist before and to me seeing one meant that not only was I ill but that things were rapidly getting out of hand.

But scared as I was I still went to see her, determined that I would talk to anyone who could possibly help me with my unstable mental state, no matter how difficult and scary taking to people and admitting that I had problems was.

I saw this psychiatrist at the MBU twice more before I had Squidge and each time I left I felt as confident as I could that, by continuing to take the maximum dose of my…

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